Lions Kicking Themselves When They're Down

Lions Kicking Themselves When They're Down

The NFL couldn't discern intent when it reviewed Ndamukong Suh's leg extension in the direction of Matt Schaub's groin. The kick may have been a careless maneuver, perhaps just a poorly timed yoga pose, and the NFL doesn't suspend players for sloppiness.

The game itself metes out ample punishment for that, as evidenced by a wider-angle view of Suh and his team. The Lions are 4-7 because they have spent a good part of this season kneeing themselves in the nether regions. They are the NFL's biggest disappointment because they are the team that never learns.


Suh's leg flex might have been slightly less suspicious if he hadn't stomped on the arm of Packers lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith a year earlier. Or if he hadn't made a special visit to commissioner Roger Goodell last season to discuss three fines within a year for dirty hits on quarterbacks.


When will he learn, and who will teach him?

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