Realignment? Plenty More to Come

Realignment? Plenty More to Come

We stand here today watching traffic on the college realignment highway, wondering where it will all end, and marveling at the staggering power of football.


That was Louisville, racing past, from the Big East to the ACC.


There went Maryland and Rutgers, foot to the floor, headed for the Big Ten.


That was ... well, never mind. This could go on all day.


It is bad? Is it good? Does it make sense? Is it lunacy?


Yes, yes, yes and yes. It is one big Rorschach ink blot test. Some look and see greedy madness, others business savvy.


Some just see a landscape that has come to resemble an anthill. A world so frantic that a confirmed member of the aristocracy such as North Carolina issues a statement to basically say -- "Hey, we're not going anywhere.''

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