Saints Have Big Hill to Climb

Saints Have Big Hill to Climb

Here are 10 more observations heading into tonight's rematch in the Georgia Dome:


Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper took some heat for correctly predicting that the Saints would start 0-4 this year while struggling with all of the coaching changes and uncertainty surrounding the team. So I checked back with him after the Saints' recent revival to see if he thinks they can still make a playoff run.



Two weeks ago, Will Robinson was working as a bouncer in Los Angeles. He watched the Week 11 Sunday NFL games at home on TV with some friends. Then seven days later, he was playing right tackle for the Saints against the 49ers.


A whirlwind week, to say the least. And he's feeling it now.


"Oh man, I'm sore," Robinson said. "I forgot some of these muscles I had in some of those really small places."

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