'Miss Congeniality' Flaunts Her Looks

'Miss Congeniality' Flaunts Her Looks

Georgia is a power football program. The Bulldogs play in the powerful Southeastern Conference. They have a power running game. They even call their helmet logo the "Power G."

But there is one area in which the Bulldogs have been weaklings lately: winning the national championship. While SEC brethren Alabama, Auburn, Florida and Louisiana State have combined to win the past six national titles, Georgia's last came in 1980 behind chiseled (and now 50-year-old) running back Herschel Walker.

The drought isn't because the Bulldogs are lousy: Over the last 10 years, they are the third-winningest team in the SEC. A typical Georgia season is a top-20 ranking and a nice, irrelevant bowl game. Put another way: Georgia is the Miss Congeniality of the SEC.

All of that could change Saturday, when the third-ranked Bulldogs face No. 2 Alabama in the SEC title game in friendly Atlanta, just 70 miles from campus. A win likely will vault Georgia into the Jan. 7 national-title game against No. 1 Notre Dame.

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