Bradley Seeks Legitimacy for Belly Putter

Bradley Seeks Legitimacy for Belly Putter

Keegan Bradley has become one of golf's most wanted, all because of the long putter he uses.

The 26-year-old Bradley made a name for himself last year by winning the PGA Championship.

Now, some are questioning his skills because he uses a belly putter, a club that likely will be banned in a few years.

That's made the usually jubilant, energetic, fist-pumping, high-stepping golfer annoyed.

Some golf fans voiced their displeasure over his use of the long putter through different forums.

"I've been catching such flak on Twitter and these other places, it would be good to kind of quiet them a little bit," Bradley said. "I had a guy yesterday telling me to send my application in to Burger King for 2016.

"It always feels good to play well, but this feels better almost."

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