Ex-Major Leaguer Fighting Brain Cancer

Ex-Major Leaguer Fighting Brain Cancer

Each day Chris Duncan descends to the finished basement room inside his West County home. There he pedals an exercise bike for at least 30 minutes, sometimes 45. Noticeably thinner than two months ago, he will supplement the ride with some stomach crunches and some leg exercises — almost anything except for heavy lifting.

Duncan’s time on the bike is hardly stationary.

He looks ahead to see a picture of him alongside his father and idol, longtime Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan. They are leaning against a dugout railing during a spring training game. The shot is taken from behind with the son still in uniform as a Cardinals outfielder.

While pedaling, Chris glances down at an erasable message board.

I Am Confident

I Am Strong

I Am 100 Percent Relentless

I Am Domination

Duncan continues to pump. He is going places. He’s been to hell and is working his way back.

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