NHLPA Decertification Likely Next Step

NHLPA Decertification Likely Next Step

It was just another day in the world of labour unrest in the NHL. And it sounds like the next seven days won’t be any easier.

Mediation didn't work; was never going to work; will never work in the future. Not when either side is unwilling to move enough or even at all. The owners have already said their best offer was on the table a month ago. They have maintained that future offers just might get worse.

Their message to the players now: let's talk. No Don, no Gary, no Steve, no Bill, no lawyers.

Their goal is to get the message across to the players that the business is only as healthy as the weakest teams, not the healthiest. The system needs to be fixed for all 30 teams to survive. And if it’s not fixed, the league will be forced to adapt. It could mean that players' jobs will be lopped off 18 skaters and two goalies at a time.

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