Petrino Could Save (or Ruin) Auburn

Petrino Could Save (or Ruin) Auburn

He is an admitted adulterer, a job-hopper, a liar. He is a guy who had an affair with a 25-year-old employee and then lied to his boss when it was discovered. He is a coach who left one of his teams in the middle of a season and reportedly informed his players by leaving notes in their lockers.

He is also a winner, a guy who won 75 percent of his games at two different schools and whose teams won 10 or more games in four of his eight seasons as a college head coach. He is a detail-oriented taskmaster whose high-powered offenses carved up some of the best defenses in the SEC.

In other words, Bobby Petrino is exactly what Auburn needs. And exactly what it doesn't need.

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