Saban Comes Face to Face With Protege

Saban Comes Face to Face With Protege

Todd Grantham stomped down the Georgia sideline toward his second-string defensive players, who were trudging off the field after surrendering a touchdown. He was not going to wait for them to get to the bench.

Grantham, the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator, met them out on the numbers on the field and poured venom into the ear holes of their helmets. His cheeks were flushed red, and he shook his fist with fury.

None of the players got a chance to make excuses for Georgia Tech’s creeping within 32 points in the fourth quarter of an eventual 42-10 victory last Saturday.

“It’s all about the process,” Grantham said this week. “You have young players out there, and they need to be ready to play when called upon.”

Alabama Coach Nick Saban could not have said it better. The Process, after all, is the foundation of Saban’s philosophy, which is a regimen to be followed with no pampering allowed.

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