Beckham Brought Cache to American Soccer

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Five years ago, he arrived: David Beckham, in LA, a newly crowned member of the LA Galaxy. There were high-profile matches (Chelsea). There were parties (Tom Cruise, Will Smith, CAA). There was reality TV (not worth mentioning). Tomorrow, he leaves. After one final match—this year's MLS Cup (the league championship)—the David Beckham experiment will be over.


So, how'd that go? When Beckham showed up in America, I took to the pages of this magazine to argue the "pro" side of a Beckham's-arrival-shows-soccer's-time-has-come argument. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it was something along the lines of: America loves a spectacle. I concluded with an ultimately stupid proclamation that, before long, field-side at LA's Home Depot Center would have the same...

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