From Tebowmania to 'Give McElroy a Chance'

From Tebowmania to 'Give McElroy a Chance'

Ten years ago, the Jets were a sinking ship. That's how Curtis Martin described them. After a Week 4 loss to Jacksonville, the Jets fell to 1-3 and then-coach Herman Edwards said the team was staring at a 1-15 season. Vinny Testaverde, the aging quarterback, wasn't helping things. But then Testaverde injured his shoulder against Jacksonville, and in came Chad Pennington, who'd been riding the bench for two years after being drafted. With Pennington under center, the Jets went 8-4 the rest of the way and made it to the divisional round of the playoffs. For the Jets, that qualifies as a historic season.

Now the Jets are a sinking ship. They're 4-7, and in those seven losses, the average margin of defeat is 18.9 points. That's the fourth-worst margin in team history, the worst since Lou Holtz and Joe Walton were coaching. Yes, Jets fans keep track of margin of defeat.

No one is going to salvage a playoff appearance out of this foundering season. But Jets fans, looking for any floating object to grab onto, are casting their eyes to the bench—and not to Tim Tebow. This week, the Bergen Record put the muttered hopes of the Jets fans into print: "Greg McElroy deserves a chance."

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