If Notre Dame Had Played an SEC Schedule ...

If Notre Dame Had Played an SEC Schedule ...

As Notre Dame is quickly discovering, when you're at the pinnacle of the gridiron world, haters gonna hate.


Despite vanquishing all that stood in their path, including impressive conquests against Oklahoma and Stanford, detractors of the Golden Domers are crying foul, asserting the Irish may not have been so lucky confronting a more arduous itinerary. By skeptics, of course, we're referring to those pigskin patrons below the Mason-Dixon Line. And their idea of a challenging enterprise? A schedule saturated by schools of the Southeastern Conference.


Though the hubris of the league's institutions can be unbearable at times, it's hard to dispute their dominance, as the SEC is home to the last six national champions. The foremost federation of amateur football will be looking to make it number seven, as the winner of this weekend's soiree between Alabama and Georgia receives a ticket to Miami to take on the Irish in the BCS Championship Game.

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