This Stanford Team Bested 'Em All

This Stanford Team Bested 'Em All

STANFORD -- David Shaw and Kevin Hogan just did something Bill Walsh, John Elway, Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck never could.

That's a stunning sentence to write and contemplate, but it's true:

On Friday, Stanford slugged it out and beat UCLA 27-24, won the conference, and earned the Cardinal's first trip to the Rose Bowl since the 1999 season.

After it was over, as players and students raced to midfield and pointed roses to the sky, Shaw shook the UCLA coaches' hands and watched the party begin.

Then he slowly raised his arms into the air in the middle of Stanford Stadium and kept them up there for a while.

"Our guys hung in there," Shaw said later. "We knew it was going to come down to the end.

"Were we going to have the resolve, were we going to have the toughness, were we going to be smart enough to make just enough plays at the end to win?

"And our guys did that."

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