Too Bad, But It Turns Out, Lin's Nothing Special

Too Bad, But It Turns Out, Lin's Nothing Special

Jeremy Lin isn't who we thought he was.


I say that with some regret, some embarrassment -- and all certainty. He's not what we thought he was last year, when we thought he was a special player. Turns out he was a regular player on a special streak, and there's no shame in that. He had the best streak of any new starter in NBA history, becoming the first to average 27.2 points in his first five starts, and to average 20 ppg and seven assists in the same stretch.


The things Jeremy Lin was doing last season defied explanation at the time, and they defy explanation now. Because he's not that guy. I mean, he's not close to that guy. He hasn't been that guy since those first five games, actually. When, in the history of the NBA, has a player's first five starts been -- far and away -- his best five starts? I'm guessing it had never happened until Jeremy Lin came along.

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