Alabama Survives an SEC Sizzler

Alabama Survives an SEC Sizzler

ATLANTA—It wasn’t over until the improbable became the unthinkable.

Until questionable clock management eliminated the unimaginable. Until a tipped pass led to a caught pass and there was no way to stop the clock—and this heavyweight fistfight finally found a place in history.

They got the one thing that means more to anyone in this meatgrinder of a conference; the one thing that has come to define the college football season. An SEC championship.

“This is the game that matters to me,” said Alabama tailback Eddie Lacy. “I’m not even thinking about that other game right now.”

That’s why it wasn’t over here until Alabama’s 32-28 victory over Georgia allowed the Tide to finally close out last season. This is the way it works in the biggest, baddest conference of all.

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