NFL Wrong to Allow Chiefs-Panthers to Play

NFL Wrong to Allow Chiefs-Panthers to Play

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher apparently killed his girlfriend Saturday and then took his own life, the latter death having unfolded in the presence of general manager Scott Pioli and two coaches. The tragedy leaves a three-month-girl orphaned and a team and the larger NFL community in shock.

At this point, I would love not to focus on a football game, specifically the one slated to take place Sunday at noon Central time between the Chiefs and Carolina Panthers at Arrowhead Stadium.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what I'm doing, because the game is expected to be played as scheduled.

I'm appalled that the team and league are sticking to the script, and I question the logic behind the decision. Pardon my skepticism, and that of one Chiefs player who predicted this in the wake of the tragedy: "It's all about money," he said.

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