Redmond's Journey of Reconciliation

Redmond's Journey of Reconciliation

As she often does when giving such talks, Kathy Redmond asked the players how many personally knew a woman who had been sexually assaulted. After many hands went up, the depth of the issue effectively disclosed, she proceeded to share her story and her accusation of rape by a onetime teammate of the man — Brown — she was soon to marry, much to her own amazement.

“Sometimes I will look at Derek and say, ‘How did this possibly happen?’ ” she said.

If others were incredulous over that stunning detail — Redmond’s marrying a former Nebraska football star — she understood why. But upon further review, she has come to believe that the consecrated union of Brown, who rushed for 2,699 yards and 23 touchdowns for the Cornhuskers during a three-year career, and Redmond, best known for waging a national campaign against violent athletes, is actually part of a triumphant homecoming story.

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