Balanced Eagles Attack Still Not Enough

Balanced Eagles Attack Still Not Enough

ARLINGTON, Texas - At the tail end of a lost season, at what looks like the bitter end of a long coaching run for Andy Reid, the Eagles finally played something that resembled a cohesive, intelligent offensive scheme on Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys.

There are so many asterisks attached to that statement that the whole scene is dotted with them like the smeared starry nights of Van Gogh.

Reid hasn't cut off an ear to send as sacrifice to the memory of Sid Gillman or some other of the pass-happy mentors in his coaching lineage, but he cut off his maddening tendency to try to win every game on degree of difficulty.

Why now? Well, there are asterisks for that one, too - mostly connected to the presence of Nick Foles as his untested rookie quarterback - but, a better question, why not? Yes, the season is mangled beyond repair and, no, there is no solace that will be gained from a 38-33 loss to a division rival simply because it could have been a win. But, for a change, it was nice to see the Eagles not try to outsmart the game of football.

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