Chiefs' Grief Complicated - Literally

Chiefs' Grief Complicated - Literally

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Brandon Siler doesn't know what to think, what to feel. He made his first NFL start in two years on Sunday. The opportunity arrived only because two of his friends had died violently the morning before.

Jovan Belcher and Siler grew close as they sat next to each other in Chiefs' team meetings, a pair of middle linebackers preparing together. 


"It's going to be hard,'' Siler said on Sunday, thinking ahead to the next meeting, before his mind shifted quickly to the woman Belcher loved and, according to police, murdered. "I also knew Kassie,'' Siler said, referring to Kasandra Perkins, the mother of Belcher's 3-month-old daughter.


Siler and Perkins saw each other at a Trey Songz concert on Friday night. Less than 12 hours later, she would die from multiple gunshot wounds and Belcher would take his own life in a parking lot of the Chiefs' training facility.

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