RG3 Not Most Thrilling Athlete in D.C. History

RG3 Not Most Thrilling Athlete in D.C. History

The deification of Robert Griffin III now in full overdrive, I decided to finally call Black Jesus and ask about the second coming.


“They’re calling Griffin that now?” Earl Monroe said, chuckling, when he returned my call from his home in New Jersey on Sunday.

Yes, the Pearl is told, Fred Davis, Griffin’s teammate, christened the 22-year-old Redskins rookie quarterback “Black Jesus” more than a month ago. But he apparently did not know the former Baltimore Bullet was given the nickname some 45 years ago.


“Well, I’m fine if they want to call him that,” Monroe added. “Fact is I really love watching him. He is something. I read yesterday his [touchdown to interception] ratio is 16 to 4. That’s just incredible.


“But people should know when they see a special player now they’re comparing him to things they’ve seen. So when I hear some crazy opinion, ‘This is the most exciting player, ever, of all time,’ I just laugh because I know the person saying that hasn’t been alive very long.”

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