St. Louis' Majerus Was a Shooting Star

St. Louis' Majerus Was a Shooting Star

If you're a college basketball reporter of a certain age, you almost certainly have a go-to Rick Majerus story.

Here's mine.

It was the fall of 1996, barely a year after I got hired by Sports Illustrated. The magazine assigned me to write a scouting report on Utah for our college basketball preview issue. So I flew to Salt Lake City to watch the team practice and interview a few players as well as its charismatic, enigmatic coach. Before I left, I asked my veteran colleague, Alex Wolff, for some advice. "Talk to Majerus about stuff other than basektball," he said.

Unfortunately, when I got there, Majerus didn't want to talk at all. It's not that he was opposed to being quoted -- Lord knows, he liked being quoted -- but rather because he was in a rush to get to a Utah Jazz game. "You're only going to use one or two sentences, right?" he said. "So let me just give you one or two sentences."

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