Even-Keeled Crennel Right Man at Right Time

Even-Keeled Crennel Right Man at Right Time

Romeo Crennel likes to say his best quality is his even spirit. He learned it from his father, a lifetime military man. In the midst of battle, the advantage is with the man who can keep his mind, and Romeo has always remembered this. Stiff upper lip and all of that.


He’s worked for and around screamers, from Bill Parcells to Bill Belichick, from Charlie Weis to Todd Haley. Those men scream and they curse. Romeo has always smiled and hugged. This is his way. Always has been, even when people have wondered if a man can really make it in football without being an ornery old cuss.


When the Giants won the Super Bowl his first season as a defensive-line coach, he joked about how easy it was. When the Chiefs won just one of their first 11 games this season, he said he would keep working hard and turn things around. Never too high, never too low. Romeo won’t try to be someone he’s not.


As it turns out, his even spirit and gentle soul made for the perfect man in an unthinkable situation.



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