Hall of Famers Don't Welcome Steroid Users

Hall of Famers Don't Welcome Steroid Users

Folks in upstate New York really hadn’t seen anything like it since, well, Woodstock. Indeed, it was three days of peace and baseball.


The highlight of that late-July weekend in Cooperstown was the sun-splashed induction ceremony for the Class of 2007, two stainless-steel ballplayers with impeccable credentials: Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken. Seventy-five thousand people overflowed from the seating area and well into the rolling hills beyond. Just as impressive was the huge number of Hall of Famers seated behind the dais, scores of baseball greats who’d made the trip to welcome the newest honorees.


By coincidence, but also stark contrast, that happened to be the same year that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa appeared in their last major league games. Thus, they started their Hall of Fame clock. Their five years are up.

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