Rout Awaits N. Illinois, But Enjoy the Ride

Rout Awaits N. Illinois, But Enjoy the Ride

HAHAHAHAHAHA! AHHHH-HAHAHAHAHA! Northern Illinois? Hee-hee hee-hee heeeee…Northern Illinois vs. Florida State in the Orange Bowl? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Understand Huskies, I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at the pouting, grumbling, hand-wringing, pooh-poohing caused by your Mid-Ameircan Conference champions sneaking into the BCS bowl party. Let them wail. Welcome to South Florida and your spot opposite Florida State in the preliminary to this year’s Game of the Millennium, Notre Dame vs. Alabama.

Sure, Georgia’s better than you and should be in a BCS bowl. Them Dawgs probably have more future NFL players redshirted than you Huskies have on your roster now or in this decade. Yeah, Oklahoma can wonder why the Sooner chuckwagon got sent back to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M. Overindulgent Sooner fans can visit the territory markings they left during OU-Texas weekend.

To continue the list wastes time. Because you obviously deserve to be in the Orange Bowl. The BCS computer says so. The BCS rules say so.

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