Ryan Will Choose His Job Over Sanchez

Ryan Will Choose His Job Over Sanchez

Rex Ryan has been enamored with Mark Sanchez from the time he and Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum took him to dinner following his private workout for the Jets one month before the 2009 draft. Sanchez picked a Mexican restaurant and showed leadership skills by ordering for the table.

Then, as the group was leaving the restaurant, Sanchez displayed some personality by hopping on a motorcycle in the parking lot – quarterbacks riding motorcycles petrify NFL coaches – and making it seem like it was his.


“Okay, guys, see you later,” Sanchez said.


He then got off the motorcycle and into his car.


Sanchez and Ryan became so close that Sanchez would show up at Ryan’s son Seth’s Friday night high school football games three years ago.


Being able to order nachos, jokingly putting a scare into his future coach and then becoming his unofficial third son, combined with AFC title games in his first two years, bought Sanchez a lot of collateral with Ryan.


Now it’s on the brink of running out.



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