Welcome to Coors Field! Want a Budweiser?

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You probably know that the sports business has grown a lot more complex in recent years. Cross-sponsorships, media rights from the web, PSLs…it’s enough to make your head spin.


Another place where it’s getting crazy is one that used be simple: selling booze at the stadium. Once upon a time, a local beer distributor could hook up with a stadium concessionaire like Aramark or Levy and get his brand added to the mix. No more.  You want your suds poured at the ballpark? You need to be a sponsor. The competition can  be fierce – unlike staples like hot dogs or soda, where clubs tend to make a deal with a single brand, beer isn’t exclusive (yes, you can get a Budweiser at Coors Field).  Sports sales executives, under big pressure these days to bring in added...

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