Famous Blocker Got Blocked Himself

Green Bay Packders

Halfway through the next season, I was broadcasting and I got a call from George Allen, who was with the Los Angeles Rams. Both of his guards had been injured and so he wanted me to come out of retirement and come play for him. So I flew out to L.A. and talked about a contract and agreed to numbers and talked about the whole process.

I was still property of the Green Bay Packers, so they tried to trade to Green Bay for me, and Green Bay wanted a player to be named plus a first-round draft choice. And George says "Hey! Hey! Your guy's in the booth! He's retired! He's upstairs!" And I guess Green Bay felt that we were rivals with the Rams and that I might know something that, if they got in the playoffs again, might hurt them. So they didn't want me to play, so they did...

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