Wizards Pull Shocker Over Heat

Wizards Pull Shocker Over Heat

Forget the two missed free throws and errant three-pointers with the game in the balance. You knew LeBron and the Miami Heat were going down when the Jumbotron flashed the crazed pregame scene from “Hoosiers,” when Gene Hackman and his slay-the-giant team started clapping madly before running onto the court in a frothing frenzy.

No, Jordan Crawford is not a dead ringer for Jimmy Chitwood. And though Wizards Coach Randy Wittman is from Indiana, he never to my knowledge went out with Barbara Hershey. But work with us.

“I told the guys, the only people that really think you have a chance is us here right in this locker room,” Wittman told his then-1-13 team before the game. “You guys don’t believe it, the outside didn’t believe, and I said we need to have a statement game.”

Doormats 105, Defending National Basketball Association Champs 101.

Hickory wins — for the second time in 15 games!

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