Age Not Key Heisman Factor

Age Not Key Heisman Factor

Johnny Manziel will make history Saturday night when he wins the Heisman Trophy.

For the second straight year, a kid from Texas will hoist the coveted trophy, and for the first time, a freshman will stand as the best player in college football.

At least for the first time in the eyes of Heisman voters. There was a time when those eyes were more trained on older players, but I’m hopeful that Manziel’s ascension will change those outdated perceptions.

Sometimes people get too hung up on the age of football players. Darrell Royal famously said, “If a dog will bite you when it’s grown, it will bite you as a pup.” Manziel did not play like someone without game experience. He embraced the obstacle that was his inexperience, and he did not shy shy away from big challenges.

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