Coaches' Poll a Conflict of Interest for BCS

Coaches' Poll a Conflict of Interest for BCS

Collusion is a dangerous word, especially without proof. Cheating isn’t always easy to prove, either. So it might just be coincidence that Big 12 football coaches seemed to vote roughly the same way in the coaches’ poll.

A way that no other coaches did. A way that potentially could have screwed the little guy, Northern Illinois, out of a big BCS payday.

And given the $17 million Orange Bowl check to Oklahoma.

To share with ... the other Big 12 teams.

I am calling BS on the Big 12 coaches for their votes, and also on the coaches poll in general. The poll, which is one-third responsible for choosing which teams play in the national championship game, is made up of guys voting for their buddies, voting for their self-interest, voting for the thing that matters most in college football:

A money grab.

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