For Jets, It's Too Expensive to Sit Sanchez

For Jets, It's Too Expensive to Sit Sanchez

It Isn’t something any coach would, or should, ever admit, that any franchise-rattling decision is based on a player’s contract.


But ask yourself this question: If Jets owner Woody Johnson owed Greg McElroy $8.25 guaranteed million next season, do you think he would have had a better shot at starting Sunday in Jacksonville?


What was it Deep Throat advised Woodward and Bernstein? Just follow the money. And what was it the late George Young used to say? It’s always about the money.


Reintroducing Mark Sanchez, the Moneyball starting quarterback of your New York Jets — aka the $anshise.


Coach Rex Ryan formed a zero with his fingers when someone asked how much the guaranteed money owed to his favorite son was a factor.


“Absolutely zero,” he said Wednesday.


Right. Absolutely zero chance the Jets can afford to keep him on the bench. It makes no cents to them now.


“That’s the last thing on my mind, “ Sanchez said. “I don’t know, ask the coaches and management, that’s not my deal.”


Here’s the deal: $anchez is guaranteed $20.5 this year and next. The remaining $37.75 million from 2014-16 is not guaranteed. His cap charge this season is $7.85 million.

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