Goodell: 'I Don't Do Things for Public Relations'

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This week’s TIME cover story, which subscribers can read here, is an in-depth profile of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The Belcher incident is just the latest challenge facing the commissioner. Goodell needs to make football safer. “It doesn’t take a lot to jump to the conclusion that constant banging in the head is not going to be in your best interest,” he says. Just this week, a new study from Boston University detailed 33 cases of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) — 15 of them previously unpublicized–in deceased ex-NFL players. (CTE, a debilitating brain disease associated with head trauma, can be diagnosed only post-mortem). Meanwhile, he’s trying to preserve the core of a game that is our national obsession — and a hugely profitable business. His job...

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