In NFL, No Reward for Being Bad This Year

In NFL, No Reward for Being Bad This Year

This is a bad season to be bad.


The usual reason teams finish with the NFL's worst record is the lack of a franchise quarterback. Obtaining the top choice in the subsequent draft allows that downtrodden club to address the position with a college standout who, ideally, will do what Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have done by leading their respective squads to Super Bowl titles.


There isn't a player with this type of cache in the Class of 2013.


Southern Cal quarterback Matt Barkley was considered the leading candidate after announcing a return for his senior season. Barkley's draft stock, though, has taken the same type of plunge as the Trojans during a 7-5 season.


Overall, there is no passer generating the same kind of pro buzz as Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III did at this time last year. While Barkley's value will likely rise again -- the position is traditionally "over-drafted" because of scarcity -- a non-quarterback is likely to get tabbed at No. 1 for the first time since Miami Dolphins left tackle Jake Long in 2008.

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