New Orleans Pelicans, Really? Yep, Here's Why

New Orleans Pelicans, Really? Yep, Here's Why

In Wednesday’s sports-nickname news, it looks as if the New Orleans Hornets are changing their name — to the New Orleans Pelicans.




My joy in this decision is less a result of believing the Hornets name needs to be back in Charlotte where it belongs (really, guys? "Bobcats." Why not pick something you're known for, like the "Charlotte Airport Rocking Chairs") and more from the fact that pelicans are incredible animals and the perfect nickname for a franchise trying to find its proper identity. In the interest of time, here are 17 no-brainer reasons why I'm #TeamPelican and you should be too.


1. Louisiana is the "Pelican State." Why is that?


2. Louisiana's official state bird is the brown pelican, which is native to Louisiana. The bird is also on the state flag and state seal.

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