Perfect Fits Not Always What Appear

Perfect Fits Not Always What Appear

College football coaches are politicians by necessity -- even though, like many politicians, they claim to hate politics. So it was not surprising to see Bret Bielema package himself up for a sales job Wednesday. He told Arkansas fans that his new gig is "an opportunity to chase a dream ... a dream that started on a pig farm."

Get it? Bielema grew up on a pig farm in Iowa. Arkansas fans yell "Wooooooo, pig! Sooie!" Using the transitive-ish property, we conclude Bielema belongs at Arkansas.

Bielema at Arkansas is a strange sight, though it will seem remarkably normal when he stands on the same field that Les Miles is eating.

I should not be surprised this move. I tell myself this every time I am surprised by a coaching move or free-agency decision. Don't be surprised. LeBron James left his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami? Steve Spurrier left his alma mater, Florida, for the Washington Redskins? Albert Pujols left the Cardinals for the Angels? DO NOT BE SURPRISED.

Then news broke that Bielema was leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas.

And ... I was surprised.

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