Broncos Deep-6 Raiders for 8th Straight

Broncos Deep-6 Raiders for 8th Straight

The Raiders brought out the bronze busts at halftime.

The Raiders brought out their tin men the rest of the game.

The boon Broncos beat the busted Raiders on Thursday night.

The Raiders honored their 19 Hall of Famers. Too bad for Oakland they couldn't suit up. George Blanda, Ted Hendricks, Dave Casper and AARP Raiders would have been more helpful than the current BARF Raiders.

The Broncos had at least two future first-ballot Hall of Famers — and probably more — on the field.

Peyton Manning completed the 5,000th pass of his career, and Champ Bailey intercepted the 52nd pass of his. A black hole in space, because of gravity, doesn't allow anything to escape. This was not a game of gravity. The imposing Broncos, the Horse Force, escaped without trouble.

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