Coaches Face Double Standard on Jobs

Coaches Face Double Standard on Jobs

Since 2005, 100 FBS head football coaches have been terminated "without cause," terminated "for convenience" or "resigned" with a negotiated buyout. Of those 100, nearly 95 percent had at least one year remaining on their contract and 51 percent had three or more years remaining.

From 2005-2010, four FBS head coaches were fired without cause after only two seasons. In 2011, three were fired just two years into five- or six-year contracts: Turner Gill (Kansas), Larry Porter (Memphis) and Rob Ianello (Akron). This year, Jon Embree (Colorado) was fired in only his second season, and on Tuesday, Southern Miss announced it was firing Ellis Johnson one year after it hired him.

The issue is not the merits (football or otherwise) of a school's decision. Whether Gill or Porter or Ianello were given enough time, whether Texas A&M rushed its decision on Mike Sherman or whether Maryland jumped the gun on Ralph Friedgen has been debated ad nauseam. The issue is how differently the two sides (coaches and universities) are judged when changes occur: The Double Standard.

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