For Belcher Witnesses, Worst Yet to Come

For Belcher Witnesses, Worst Yet to Come

Muscle memory kicks in, a soothing response set against a familiar whirling backdrop of sounds and images. It must have been like that last Sunday in Kansas City for Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel, linebackers coach Gary Gibbs and general manager Scott Pioli. It must have sometimes seemed rather normal.

Adrenaline kept them from being frozen, from crumbling to their knees and sobbing hysterically. Barely 24 hours earlier they had been at the vortex of an experience so severe, so incomprehensible, its emotional and physical repercussions might not ever completely vanish.

But in the immediate gloom, they soldiered on, they pulled up their bootstraps—pick your cliché. They did what others have been forced to do after witnessing the unfathomable.

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