Hamilton a Risk Worth Taking for Mariners

Hamilton a Risk Worth Taking for Mariners

Even for those who don't have to front the money, there are no perfect free agents, it seems. The potential warts are always lurking, fueling the debate: Prince Fielder is too hefty to age well, Albert Pujols too old for a 10-year deal, Jose Reyes too injury-prone, Albert Belle too flighty.

Heck, even when a player hits the market with seemingly nothing but upside — think A-Rod in 2001 — you have to worry about him commanding too much of the team's payroll, or letting the huge windfall take away his competitive edge, or it all going to his head.

In that spirit, you could find plenty of reasons for the Mariners, and their fans, to fret about the fact that they seem perfectly positioned, as the winter meetings in Nashville, Tenn., ended on Thursday, for a run at the top three remaining non-pitching free agents on the market.

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