50-Point Games Going the Way of the Landline

50-Point Games Going the Way of the Landline

There's something extra magical about a 50-point night in the NBA. When the superstars do it, it's a celebration of true greatness and a reminder that immortality awaits. When the ... less renowned players do it, it's a buzz bomb that hard wires names into memory. Where were you when you heard Tony Delk dropped 50 on the Kings?

The three-year moving average following last season is at its lowest point in more than a decade. Note that, yes, the 2012 and 1999 seasons were shortened due to lockouts. But the NBA missed only 16 games last season, and still had more 50-point nights (three) than in 2010-11 (two) and the same number as in 2009-10. This has been solidifying over the past three seasons, full or otherwise.


We're off to a slow start this season, as well, with zero 50-point nights to date and just four 40-point games. Kobe Bryant, who this week became the youngest player to hit the 30,000-point milestone, has two of them. He, through a few tweeted thoughts on Kobe's scoring exploits of the past by Noam Schiller, actually got this topic cranking in my head.

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