Jones' So-Called 'Loyalty' Only to Self

Jones' So-Called 'Loyalty' Only to Self

A charade had become a farce before he left. His leaving only made it official.


For the second year in a row, Butch Jones -- aka, Mr. Commitment – toured the country, shopping himself like a traveling salesman. He didn't like Purdue. He did like Colorado, then he didn't. Now, he likes Tennessee. Apparently, Tennessee likes him.


All along, Jones bristled at questions about his future employment because, well, because it's all about the "kids'' who would be playing in the Belk Bowl. Now, those same kids will be without their coach in that same bowl. No one needs both sides of a mouth like a college football coach. For Butch Jones, two sides might not be enough.


See ya later, Butch. OK?


Have fun Representing the T. Or, you know, whatever.

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