Are Pro Athletes Addicted to Risk?

Are Pro Athletes Addicted to Risk?

Josh Brent was charged with being wasted when he took the wheel and his Cowboys teammate for a deadly spin, but alcohol was only part of the brew. Very possibly, the intoxication also involved some mixture of immaturity, fame, money and a fascination with 4 a.m. bedtimes.


Taken separately, none of those are especially harmful or even unlawful. But as we’ve seen so many countless times, too many young athletes can’t handle all that at once. And so you get sad situations like what just happened in Dallas over the weekend. And in Kansas City the week before.


You get young men like Josh Brent and Jovan Belcher who are tremendously gifted at what they do for a living, and just as incredibly clueless about almost everything else. They’re All-Stars at causing train wrecks, not only for themselves but often for the innocent people who shared their space at that fateful moment.

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