Chelsea Fans Don't Love Their Coach

Chelsea Fans Don't Love Their Coach

Booing your own team or coach is supposed to be the last resort for the frustrated, angry fan. You break the metaphorical glass and employ the nuclear option when you've had enough. Too much bungling. Not enough effort. No heart.

Different cultures have different thresholds when it comes to determining when it is OK to unleash your anger on the guys wearing your own colors. Generally speaking, Latin cultures tend to be more trigger-happy, while Anglo-Saxons at least wait until the final whistle.

But what is extremely rare is to turn on someone on the first day, which is what many Chelsea fans have done to their new interim manager, Rafa Benitez, since he was appointed on Nov. 21. Loud boos drowned out his introduction during his first game in charge—a home match against Manchester City—while "Rafa Out" banners dotted the stands at Stamford Bridge. There were plenty of songs, as well, the most sympathetic one going: "We don't care about Rafa…He don't care about us!"

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