Head West, Young Men! That's Where Baseball Is

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The idea is that you'll be at Urasawa in Beverly Hills watching Zack Greinke on your iPhone when Matt Kemp goes yard off Tim Lincecum and you can barely hold the eel in your mouth. Another bottle of wine? Who cares that the bill is passing $2,000?


It's the Dodgers.


In the end, Greinke is ending up where most everyone thought he'd end up. Oh, he undoubtedly was "blown away" by his engagement with the Rangers -- it's easy to be fascinated when you're a pitcher who loves the game and you get to talk to Nolan Ryan and Greg and Mike Maddux.


But in the end, it's the Dodgers, baseball's destination event for whom petty cash is no object. Mark Walter and The Guggenheim Group paid the Red Sox $260 million for Adrian Gonzalez,...

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