Kitchen Remodel Helps Fill NHL Void

Kitchen Remodel Helps Fill NHL Void

Josh Petzel coaches Pee Wee hockey in the suburbs, plays in four adult leagues, spends a boatload of money on hockey sticks and other equipment every year and has shared Wild season tickets the past five seasons.


The guy is a hockey nut. He's also fed up with the ongoing NHL lockout, so much so that he called his buddies and told them that he's no longer interested in splitting Wild tickets with them.


Instead, Petzel is using that money to remodel his kitchen and get new appliances.


"[The lockout] basically just emotionally depleted me on this situation," said Petzel, managing partner of Cara Irish Pubs.


He's not alone. Mendota Heights resident Tom Graves purchased Wild season tickets the first day they went on sale after the organization came into existence. Graves and his wife have talked about canceling them because they're frustrated by the labor stalemate and they've found other things to do. They go to movies, enjoy eating out and attend Gophers hockey games now.


"We're definitely finding things to fill our time," Graves said. "Honestly, it's kind of nice to have some money to use for other things, too."

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