MMQB: Plenty Still Unsettled With 3 Weeks Left

MMQB: Plenty Still Unsettled With 3 Weeks Left

Adrian Peterson is not chasing 2,000 yards. He is chasing 2,105. The record.

Kirk Cousins is going to write for The New Yorker someday, and maybe not about football. In a few paragraphs, you'll read his take not only on getting the save over the Ravens, but also on the art of quarterbacking (his words, not mine).

And like Romeo Crennel a week ago, Dallas coach Jason Garrett had to tell his team unspeakable news Saturday, then think of a way to make football meaningful. And then, when the Cowboys' game in Cincinnati was over, he kept his team waiting. He had to make a phone call.

All of the stories of the day in due time, but this point first: Three weeks from today, the 50 voters for the annual Associated Press NFL awards have to file their ballots. Three weeks out every year, most of the races are either clear or have two or three men in the running. This year, as I see it, there's not a single easy race.



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