Oh, My! Redskins' Rooks Are Exciting!

Oh, My! Redskins' Rooks Are Exciting!

Well, drafting Kirk Cousins in the fourth round looks pretty smart now, doesn’t it, you doubters! All he did was turn a devastating loss into a 31-28 overtime win Sunday after Robert Griffin III went down (and then got up and went down again). So I hope all of you who mocked that pick are ashamed of yourselves.


I know I am. I admit it; I thought that pick would be better spent on a lineman.


Linemen? We don’t need no stinking linemen! (Well, that’s not necessarily true but Monday has a “big talk” feel to it, doesn’t it?)


Let’s evaluate the situation. The Washington Redskins are about .500. In December. The Redskins are playing meaningful, nay, crucial games. In December. The Redskins are exciting to watch. In December. And the Redskins are doing all of this largely thanks to a cadre of rookies.

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