Oh, My! Redskins' Rooks Are Exciting!

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Well, drafting Kirk Cousins in the fourth round looks pretty smart now, doesn’t it, you doubters! All he did was turn a devastating loss into a 31-28 overtime win Sunday after Robert Griffin III went down (and then got up and went down again). So I hope all of you who mocked that pick are ashamed of yourselves.


I know I am. I admit it; I thought that pick would be better spent on a lineman.


Linemen? We don’t need no stinking linemen! (Well, that’s not necessarily true but Monday has a “big talk” feel to it, doesn’t it?)


Let’s evaluate the situation. The Washington Redskins are about .500. In December. The Redskins are playing meaningful, nay, crucial games. In December. The...

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