Ravens Push Panic Button With Firing

Ravens Push Panic Button With Firing

No matter how the Ravens spin this one, the firing of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron with just three games left in the regular season smacks of panic. Panic and desperation. There's no other way to read it.


We'll probably never know for sure exactly what got Cameron fired in his fifth season running the Ravens' offense. But we can guess at some of the factors.


The inconsistency of the offense is obviously the main factor, especially after two dismal losses in a row to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins. But that's semi-curious, too, at least the timing of it, since the offense played well in the first half of the 31-28 overtime loss before turnovers in the second half ground it to a halt.


And wasn't it the Ravens' defense and special teams that pretty much gave the game away at the end?

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