Sanchez Hits Big Play as Jets Win

Sanchez Hits Big Play as Jets Win

Less than three minutes to play. Jets on the ropes, up by only one touchdown against the hapless Jaguars. Mark Sanchez facing third-and-8 at the Jets' 13-yard line.

If ever the beleaguered quarterback planned to repay his coach's confidence, this would be an excellent time for it.

Tight end Jeff Cumberland sprinted down the middle, splitting the safeties and found a lonely patch of grass as Sanchez set up in a well-defined pocket.

"I took the post and Mark hit me right on target," Cumberland said. "As soon as I made my break, the ball was in the air."

Thirty-seven yards later, the Jets were at midfield, having made a critical field position-turning play in a game they would hold on to win, 17-10, Sunday.

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