Up Next: Hockey in Antarctica, Rowing the Nile

Up Next: Hockey in Antarctica, Rowing the Nile


Where everyone sees a “visionary leader” in Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis, I’ve always just witnessed mindless buffoonery.

This dates back to my time at the University of Michigan, when he worked in the Michigan State athletic department and was the “architect” of the “Cold War” hockey game between UM and MSU in 2001 and the “Basketbowl” between State and Kentucky in ’03.

Dubbed as revolutionary sporting events, they appeared to me as overhyped gimmicks that had fans so far removed from the action they were better off watching on TV.

MSU’s athletic department became such a joke to us at Michigan’s student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, my best friend Brady McCollough wrote a fabulous parody column our senior year about how Michigan State was scheduling a Trojan War rematch in football with USC to be played in Troy. It’s even funnier now that Hollis is actually planning a USC vs. Michigan State basketball game to be played in Athens.

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